Paddle Boarding is a whole lot of fun, but can be dangerous without the correct knowledge. We’d love to introduce you to this amazing sport and teach you how to SUP properly and safely. (Duration 1 hr 10 mins).

BEGINNER  LESSON  ($40.00 per person)

New to SUP? Relax, we’re qualified instructors who have introduced countless people to the sport – on your first day, you may not even get wet, unless you want to! We’ll start you off with the right equipment for your size, making your introduction to SUP as easy as possible. We’ll teach you the basics on land first, including safety aspects, basic techniques and some tricks which will have you standing in no time. Most of all, we want you to have fun so we’ll go as fast (or slow) as you’re comfortable with. Be warned though: you may just become a SUP addict! View the bookings calendar for daily time slots.

IMPROVER LESSON  ($40.00 per person)

So you’ve already discovered the delights of SUP, but want to improve your technique, hone your skills or generally master the art of Paddle Boarding? We can help you fine-tune your paddling technique, teach you various bracing and turning skills and help you extend your knowledge on safety and environmental aspects of SUP.  View the bookings calendar for daily time slots.

PRIVATE LESSON ($55.00 per person, min 2x or $40.00 per person if over 6x) 

A private lesson is where you can select a time and day that suits all parties. You will be the only students, which means you will get one on one attention from the instructor(s). You will learn basic techniques on standing up, paddling, turning and bracing.  As well as important safety aspects of SUP.  Advise if any participants have SUP before, and they will be given additional instruction to enhance their paddling.

Contact us to make a Private Booking.  Picture courtesy of Backpacker Guide NZ.  Click to  see their full review on Paddle Boarding, Hawkes Bay.

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Paddle Boarding is for everyone, I am a double below knee amputee and have always wanted to paddle board. Thanks to instructor Elisha she made that happen. I'm am completely hooked and loving being on the water. Fantastic Hawkes Bay company.


Eloise MacKay

What an awesome experience!! Great tuition by Earl and Elisha and before the end of the hour we were up standing on the board! We totally recommend this for everyone to give it a go

Antony Willis

Had tried paddle boarding before without any proper instruction and I didn't really enjoy it. Now that I have had a proper lesson I can't believe the difference and how much more enjoyable it is. Earl was a fantastic instructor and made my wife (who was a bit hesitant) comfortable on the water, so much so she went back for more the next day. Looking forward to our improver lesson. Highly recommend!!

Tere Morales-Probert

New Zealand has so much outdoors activities and SUP is a great option, we had a great time this morning, 100% must do experience and with professional instruction like these guys it's a no brainier.

Jodi and Jono Henning

WOW. We had an amazing End of year function with Paddle boarding Hawkes Bay! Thank you so much! We highly recommend going Paddle Boarding with Paddle Boarding Hawkes Bay - Jodi

What a fantastic experience. We truly enjoyed every second of our time with Earl and Elisha paddling through Pandora Pond! HIGHLY recommend Paddle Boarding Hawkes Bay to anyone looking to enjoy a fun experience on the water! - Jono

Anu Chavali

I took the improver class early this morning and it was awesome!! Totally worth the time and money and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone self taught!

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